Girl on Girl: Grunters vs Screamers

Tonight we will be treated to a real spectacle. Good old girl on girl action. There is guaranteed to be a lot of grunting and screaming, so this begs the question: do you go for the grunter or the screamer?

I am of course referring to the Australian Open Tennis match between Maria Sharapova (aka The Screamer) and Serena Williams (aka The Grunter). No matter what the scoreline, our ears will be the winners. That is, if you are in to loud, animalistic screeching endlessly for the duration of the match.

Whatever else these two women have done for tennis, they will both be remembered for the near constant stream of struggle they make us all endure. Instead of watching the tennis we listen to it. Unfortunately, for me at least, it is not a pretty thing. Although I am not averse to girl on girl action, and am rather partial to the odd grunt and scream, I will be watching this particular show with the sound off.


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