Extreme Gelato

Photos: Kathy Chan c/- New York Serious Eats

Extreme is the new norm. These days if its not extreme, its passé. Old Fashioned. Out of the running.

It seems that even the humble ice cream is subject to this more. Recently when venturing into the city of Sydney I happened to walk past a Shop called N2 Extreme Gelato on Dixon St.

Intrigued, I went inside, half expecting the ice cream makers to be doing double backflips or somesuch while they assembled the ice cream, all the while dodging razor sharp knives whizzing through the air.

But no. Instead I was confronted with a couple of gentlemen in chemistry-lab white coats (or should that be Loony Bin white coats??) and a lot of smoke or mist. The set was complete with a display window filled with large chemistry-lab mixing or measuring beakers filled with a whitish liquid – presumably milk.

It turns out that that the ice-creams are not simply “assembled” as per normal ice cream cones. The ice cream is quite literally made on the spot – to order. And the flavour choices are very exotic too, although there is not a large selection.

How does Strawberry, Rhubarb and Orange Blossom sound. Or perhaps Black Salted Caramel. Maybe Coconut, Lime & Lychee is closer to your tastes.

It turns out that the smoke or mist is from the Liquid Nitrogen (−196 °C; 77 K; −321 °F) used in the making of your “instant” ice-cream. I can’t speak for them all, but my Black Salted Caramel was very smooth and delicious, but perhaps not as dense as traditional gelato. This is a great eat – even if only for the novelty factor.

It turns out the method using liquid nitrogen has resulted in a World Record for the fastest manufacture of a litre of ice cream – a stunning 18.78 seconds!!!

Photo: Viola Zuppa (aka Kimari)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Glacier calving – Alaska

For this challenge I have chosen a picture that captures an action, as action represents change most fundamentally. However at a more philosophical level, the significance of this particular picture is that it shows water in all its three states – solid, liquid and gas. Water, and its change between these three states, is arguably one of the most powerful agents of change on earth. From basic changes through erosion, to the more derivative changes brought about by its support for life and therefore all change wrought by life. Included in this list is the fact that water (as vapour) is the single strongest direct agent for climate change and also the means by which man powered its industrial revolution (via steam) –  therefore enabling modern man’s impact on the earth and its climate.

Just saw this post by Frizztext. A great resource for bloggers and web developers alike.

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A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Hat


I’ve been playing around with some old candid photos of friends and came across this grumpy bear / Hagar the Horrible. Thought I would try it on for (HAT) size!

The Word A Week Photo challenge is done by “A Word In Your Ear” (http://wp.me/1pmcV). Check out her blog, great photos and stories.


The Squatter

I was cleaning out some folders in our filing cabinet the other day and came across a pile of faded old poems I had written about 20 or so years ago. Some I still quite like and so I thought I would post them here over time to ensure they are not lost altogether. The first – and the one I love most as I still recall elements of that fated day, is one written about our move into our first house. Being our first home it was not endowed with great ease of reaching, being up the top of a driveway too steep for vehicles! Anyway, the poem is modelled after the style of early Aussie poets, Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson (and probably even pinches from them a little 🙂 ) …


The boxes some and plenty were in number at least twenty
And each a trip required from the truck that we had hired
To our new house on the hill. I can see the path there still
Where we trod with steps a-weary, though our hearts were light and merry
‘Cause the movers have some pleasures that the squatters never know

With twenty of the bludgers there were twenty uphill drudges
And I swear this to my Keeper, that there blasted hill got steeper
And the house moved f’er away.

I had half a mind to chuck it in, with only half the boxes in
When up behind me missus came and said that this here weren’t no game
And should I wish to miss her pain I should move them boxes before the rain.

So I tooks a chance and steeled me nerves and there up in the sky observes
Storm clouds fit to make me jump, darker than that old Black Stump.
With them near up and her around, I dug inside until I found
A grunt or two not yet dispersed and climbed that hill and swore and cursed.

Now all those things once dear to heart, no longer filled that hallowed part
And inside a detachment grew to all them boxes except the few
I’d lugged already up that hill; I guess I’d fairly had my fill.

But me missus paid no attention to my thinking and intention
And sent me down that hill again to fetch some more before the rain.
So up and down I heaves me load and cursed that truck down on the road.

Lugging boxes ain’t my sense of fun but by and by they all got done
And me luck had held and then by some ’cause not a drop of rain had come.
So I sits me down to have a drink, while me missus had a little think.

You know peace don’t last long now-a-days ’cause its not too long before she says
“First things first, we must unpack!” Now I know her well, I know her knack
Of saying “We” and meaning “Me”, so I’m back at all this drudgery
Before me whistle’s fully wet.

Well “First things first” is what she says, so I unpack a giant mess
And leave her on her own to find a place for all and sundry kind
Of thing and kitchen implement. You know she really must be heaven sent
Because its soon all gone and out of sight. But when I check if its done right
I’m taken by complete surprise;
‘Cause half the stuff that I lugged in is in the bloody rubbish bin!

Well now we’ve been here quite a while
I look back on that day and smile
But on one thing sure you can depend
I’m squatting here until THE END!

(March 18, 1992)

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Zoom

40 259-26 extruded

I have been playing around with the Extrude filter on Photoshop to create a pseudo zoom affect and so figured that would be a good fit for this weeks challenge “Zoom”.

This challenge is led by “A Word In Your Ear” (http://wp.me/1pmcV). Check out her blog, great photos and stories.

This Blog Has Moved


If you are one of the few people that read or follow this blog then you obviously are amongst the world’s most erudite and wonderful people. Welcome aboard!

This blog has just been relocated to here at https://bazzasworld.wordpress.com or you can use http://bazzasworld.com for simplicity and robustness. Unfortunately that has caused the loss of all previous “Likes” – and obviously there were thousands of them! 🙂

So – I suggest you start off by liking a few of the existing posts just to get your monika re-established here. I’d really like it as well, as it feels a little bleak and naked here without them all.

Thanks heaps,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


The world is an amazing place with so many bizarre things. To me, one of them is Lake George near Canberra. Looking “normal” in this photo, complete with sheep, it does from time to time fill up with water. For me this picture really draws the eyes forward. The frame of the picnic shelter acts a little like blinkers and helps to focus the eyes immediately forward on the distant “lake”. Does it work for you?