The Island

Pic courtesy of National Geographic

There’s you, here’s me
Two islands in the sea of humanity
Surrounded by rocks and cliffs so sheer
The lasting scars of hurt and fear

These towering cliffs protect me
From the onslaught of the sea
But occasionally there’s a tourist
Who takes the time to see
What’s behind the cliffline
What it is that’s me

And from the passing tide of people
There’s always some that stay
They come, they see, they conquer
They feast like birds of prey

And when they go they do not go
As completely as they came
After their occupation
Things are never quite the same
The cliffs are somehow steeper
The rocks are sharper too
Which makes it so much harder
Harder for me and you

My love lies on the clifftop
Waiting patiently
Waiting for a traveller
To come across the sea
And build a beachhead sturdy
To take me completely

My life waits on the clifftop
Looking out to sea
Wondering where the island is
The one who’s meant for me.

(circa Jan 1990)


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