Bushie Bill

Illustration by Trevor Paul – taken from Metroland Online

Bushie Bill they call him
He lives upon the land
His home is where his feet are
Just as long as he can stand

His possessions in his bedroll
Strapped loosely on his back
That’s how he came to town that day
That’s how he walks the track

He never seems to settle down
He never has the time
And when you ask him how he is
He’s always in his prime

Bushie’s life is always wanting
For nothing but a start
He often makes friends along the way
And they just as often part

But that don’t bother Bushie
He likes it best that way
Never an angry word they have
Too short the length of stay

But his friends are always with him
He wears them in his smile
There’s no pretension there in Bill
There’s no deceit or guile

And Bushie Bill’s the man to call
If you need a helping hand
He’s quick to aid, he’s quick to help
To comfort and understand

Some think that he’s a gentleman
Others say a clown
But no matter what, I’m happier when
Bushie Bill comes through town.

circa Jan 1990

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