Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

0989   Norway 2003 - 1782

It is ironic that with a theme of “Unique” I should have a picture so similar to the one Michele used as a stimulus for this theme. I give myself latitude in using it as it was taken in 2003 – about 9 years before Michele’s, and in Bergen, Norway, not the USA. When I saw this small flower bed with the super high, different coloured Tulip it did indeed stimulate all the emotions and thoughts that were aroused in Michele – which is also why I took the photo!

However it also provided me with further thought. In Australia we have this thing, or at least we often beat ourselves up thinking we have this thing, that we call the “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. I am not sure if this exists anywhere else, but it is where the masses desire the successful standouts to be brought down, for no apparent reason other than they dare to standout.

Mind you, there may be a reason for this sentiment, with so many of the successful businessmen of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s being crooks, shonks or at least exploitative and unpleasant people. But then, maybe that is what it takes to get ahead in business in the first place…



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