All In The Mind

Its funny how things are not always as you imagine. The other day I was going to the pub to meet some friends and parked just down the road expecting the carpark to be full. As I walked across into the carpark I noticed that there was a large group of bikers at the bottom, all resplendent in their dull black leathers, faceless black helmets, patches, bandannas and Harleys.

My immediate reaction was a pause to assess my safety walking across the carpark to the pub. This only lasted a moment as I did not of course wish to attract attention by being seen to be rattled by their presence. About this time one of the bikers broke off and started walking more or less on an intercept path with me.

Now was a time to dig deep if ever there was one. Look calm and relaxed and above all SHOW NO FEAR!

Anyway, as this biker got reasonably close to me, I heard this throaty yell from one of the others, probably the long dirty haired behemoth I had noticed: … “Hey Brian!”

Well, that came as a shock. As it dawned on me that he was not yelling at me but rather his companion, I wondered what self respecting Biker would be called Brian. “Brainless” would be a better moniker than that! Brian somehow just does not rank when it comes to invoking fear and respect.

Anyway, that seemed to diffuse a bit of my anxiety, but then the thought crossed my mind that he was only going to say something like “Go easy on him, he’s such a weedy old runt”. But what followed nearly caused me to laugh out loud.

“Whaaat!” Yells Brian, turning around slowly, with obvious aggrievance in his tone, since he had been diverted from his intent of helping me see the light.

“Can you get me another pie while you’re there!


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