Undies vs Panties

“Now this one will be hard for you to pull off” says my wife with a large smirk befitting the pun. She’s referring to her challenge to me to write a post on our ongoing argument as to whether women’s briefs are called undies or panties.

To a man, there really is no question – they’re PANTIES!

This raises an interesting point. What is it about the word PANTIES. Perhaps its just that “undies” sounds too industrial. But really I think it is more than this. There is something in the word PANTIES that actively appeals to the Casanova and/or caveman in men, whereas “undies” just conjures images of dirty laundry.

Maybe this is one of the greatest marketing coups ever – the wholesale mindsetting of the male population, probably by a lingerie company (a shame no-one trademarked “panties”). Or maybe there really is a primal aspect to the words we use.

Whatever; undies or panties, so long as women wear them and bare them (on appropriate occasions) I’m happy!



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