Cereal Killer

So often these days, one is confronted by signs of how well mankind can design almost anything within an inch of its life. For example, how is the iPhone and iPad put together – where did those seams and screws go? Why is it that items seem to work well until they are about a week or so outside of warranty? Now that is incredible design skill! And how the hell does that damn pesky Rubik’s cube work?

Quite frankly, someone, somewhere, will come up with a way to do almost anything. The problem is that they are destroying a major niche for us men. Who these days can just study something for a minute or two, figure out how it works and how it is put together, and then deftly disassemble it, fix it, and put it back together looking as good as new? All before lunch!

Devices are just too intricate and trickily designed these days. As a result women have a reducing need and desire for us men. At least those of us that have already resigned ourselves to being completely useless when it comes to household repairs.

Perhaps this is the modern face of evolution. Maybe as the world rushes headlong to its highly technical future, women, not predators, will become nature’s mechanism to select out the weaker gene pool members who can’t quickly disassemble and fix that wonderful new turbo charged, inverter driven, single shell vibrator she just bought yesterday, before she loses the urge.

However bleak that future may look, there is still one bastion of design luddite-ness that steadfastly refuses to move with the times. In fact, it seems to be moving in reverse!

Who else can remember, when young, deftly slipping a thumb under the flap and lifting open the new breakfast cereal packet with scarcely a scar to the box, and then for an encore easily separating the plastic seal inside? But who can do that now!

These days, opening the cereal packet by hand necessitates the mass destruction of the box. If one then tries to open the plastic bag inside by hand, one quickly finds they are in need of the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Once Arnie is on the job the packet opens all too easily. But not along the seal mind you. Rather, anywhere else, suddenly disgorging your entire tasty breakfast cereal cargo to the floor.

In this day of designer everything, it is hard to believe that it happens by accident! Perhaps its true that we are better off eating the box; after all, that’s what we’re left with.



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