A Chip Off The “O” Block

[modified from the original, Published on Aug 11th, 2012]

The Olympics is a good time for many, especially physios, chiros, and doctors. It seems that during this period many of us become victims of a strange disease which we think imbues us with super powers and we like to put them to the test.

Its not just us mere mortals, however, even the big multinationals can fall victim to this phenomenon. The latest bout of super silliness seems to be leaving many a few chips short of a snack.

From what I have been reading, MacDonalds, as a major sponsor to the Olympics, is claiming first and only dibs on the Olympic chip race. It seems that Ye Olde Fish and Chip shop is not able to sell only chips because MacDonalds is the official chip maker of the games.

This is weird on several levels:
a). Chips are normally bought from Fish and chips vendors
b). Chips, as far as I am aware, were actually a British invention, and have assumed the status of an institution
c). MacDonalds doesn’t actually sell chips. They sell FRENCH fries.
(I bet the French must be sniggering at the British over having pulled off one of the worlds most outrageous Olympic ambush marketing escapades ever!)

There was probably a time when the Olympics was about sport, but if so, it has long gone, along with good sense and reason.


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