Get Nicked Arcy

[modified from the original, published on May 14th 2012]

I don’t know if anyone else has been reading about Nick D’Arcy, but I find the whole situation appalling. The inclusion of D’Arcy in the Australian Olympic team is unbelievably disgraceful.

From what I have read and heard he has a history of violence, the latest is not just a once off. That is bad enough, in my opinion, to refuse to include him in the Australian Olympic team. But if you are not yet convinced, there is the added insult of not paying his just deserts in compensation for the damage he has done to his victim(s).

He has used legal trickery to avoid paying damages and making fair, court ordered restitution. Is this the act of someone who is truly contrite? Is this the act of someone who embraces the values of the Olympic movement? No. This is the sort of act by a person which the concept of “bringing the Australian Olympic Team into disrepute” was designed to filter out.

If he is so destitute, where did the money for his legal defence come from? Where does the money for all his training and travel come from? Where did the money for his PR tutoring come from? Oh yes, you only have to listen to him to realise he must have had a lot of advice and practice on what to say and how to say it.

This is a person desperate to cover over his sins, not by making reparations according to the court orders, and then moving forward; but by trying to avoid that responsibility and using PR firms to attempt to smoothe his public image.

If it is true that his father has been footing the bills for his sins, then why shouldn’t he continue to do so to set the record straight and pay the rightful damages. I’m sure that if there had been a mia culpa up front, the money he has spent on lawyers fees would have covered the reparations instead. More, the public would have realised his dues had been paid and would probably support his inclusion in the team, letting bygones be bygones.

As things stand, if Nick D’Arcy remains in the Australian Olympic Team, I for one, will not be watching ANY of the swimming events.


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