Blog-Time, Now!

Well, if you have been reading this blog, you may have noticed that the posts so far all say they were previously published.

That is because I was experimenting with blogging using another facility and having decided to switch to WordPress I figured I would start off by copying all the old posts but schedule them to appear one each day for a week.

This has uncovered an issue with timing. I am in Australia (oops, is that too much info for a public post?). However the WordPress server obviously is not, because the new posts do not appear until later in the day here. I guess that WordPress’ servers are in the USA and use USA time info.

That makes them out of date by the time they get here.

Users of Outlook in countries with Daylight Saving (or Summertime etc) are used to being screwed over each time shift, but really, what is it with IT and timezones. How hard can it be to allow each blog to use its own timezone, or any timezone that it wishes. There is no synchronising to be done here, its just a setting.

These days a blogger might be in the Galapagos Islands writing about the migration of the Amazon soldier ants for a Greenland market and want the blog to be current as for the prime audience. Especially when it comes to scheduled posts.

Come on WordPress (and IT World in general). We may be skin flints using free services, but you can do better than this!


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